Sumatra Mandheling

In Sumatra, the bean is still very wet when the parchment is hulled. The bean comes out of the parchment quite soft, white, and spongy. These wet soft beans are then sun-dried. Typically, the drying conditions in Sumatra include on-and-off sessions of fierce tropical sun, interrupted regularly by torrential thunder showers. This slow inconsistent drying is in large part what provides the essence of a Sumatra Mandheling, both in flavor and appearance. There is an increasing demand by some roasters for a cleaner cupping Sumatra; some processors are drying the parchment more, down closer to 20% before hulling, creating a safer, cleaner cupping Sumatra. Both styles of production will most likely continue, supplying coffee according to preference.

Flavor Profile

Hints of earthy sandlewood, deep brown sugars, and complex rusted caramel notes.

Coffee Details

Location: Sumatra. Indonesia

Harvest: Dec-March

Altitude: 2,500-5,000m

Farm: Co-Op

Process: Wet hulled process

Levels: Body-5 Acidity-5 dance-9

Price: 512.99/12oz (retail)