Sulawesi Toraja

Produced on the slopes of the Sesean Mountain range which dissects north central Toraja in southern Sulawesi. The cherry on the eastern slope comes down through the market town in Minanga, and those grown on the western slope come down through the market town of Sapan.

Cherries collected here represent some of the highest altitude coffee in Sulawesi, above 1,300 meters and up to 2,000m (extremely high for Indonesia). As a result, these are the most sought after and highest priced beans in Sulawesi.

Processed using the traditional wet-hulled method, the flavor is representative of Sulawesi from an earlier era...spicy, herbal, complex.

Flavor Profile

An earthy and heavy bodied consistent strong cup with notes of dark chocolate, coffee blossom, floral, and strawberry.

Coffee Details

Location: Sulawesi. Indonesia

Harvest: June

Farm: Co-Operative

Process: Wet-hulled method

Levels: Body-10 Acidity-6 Balance-8

Price: $15.99/12oz (retail)