Signature Espresso: Black Magic; Now you see me, now you don't.


Better Buzz Coffee's Black Magic Signature Espresso has been linked with acute euphoria, high risks of extreme productivity, tendencies of overachieving, feelings of invincibility, increased espresso standards, and in some cases, heightened confidence and ability to make friends.

Ok, so maybe this won't magically make you more friends, but one thing you can count on: an ultra smooth espresso that starts off with a deep, robust flavor and transitions to a sweet honey finish with a luscious crema. This savory journey begins with a diverse blend of heavy South American and Central American coffees, utilizing 2 separate roasting profiles, blended before and after the roasting process. You can count on no detail spared here. Not only does all this make our Black Magic Signature Espresso a truly spellbinding experience; this roast is hand-crafted to work in perfect harmony with our Ritual Grounds original chocolate and vanilla specialty powders.

Flavor Profile

A diverse blend of South American, Central American, and Indian Coffees.

A robust with a sweet honey finish and crema notes.