RWP Decaf Mexican Pluma

This unique coffee is delicately decaffeinated through the Royal Water Process leaving all of the true flavor characteristics in the coffee. The Mexican Pluma varietal is roasted to a city roast as the oils begin to naturally break the surface. This coffee is spicy with a medium body and smooth consistent earthy tones as it rolls back on your tongue for a truly enjoyable experience.

The once belittled subculture of decaf coffee lovers has finally been elevated to its rightful place; among those truly devoted to quality and taste. Regardless of that precious buzz or not, these guys are in it for the art of the cup. And so, Decafateers, in light of your bona fide devotion, we wish to honor you with our Royal Water Process Decaf Mexican Pluma.

Because the quality of the decaffeination process can only go as far as the quality of the beans used, we only use select premium coffees grown with the integrity of the industry's highest standards. Then, in the heart of Vera Cruz, it is with our friends at Descamex that the decaffeination magic happens. While others use harmful bio-engineered chemicals that aggressively strip off the caffeine, our guys at Descamex have developed a non-contact, environmentally friendly process that is able to retain both the integrity of the coffee's original flavor and its origin characteristics. The secret is in their advanced water process that allows the original flavors, but not the caffeine, to return to the beans once the water has drained. We like to think of it as our little way of proving that decaf coffee can be great coffee, and that decaf drinkers don't have to accept anything less.

Flavor Profile

A unique cup that is spicy. heavy bodied, and a strong earthy finish.

Coffee Details

Location: Oaxaca, Mexico

Harvest: Oct-March

Altitude: 5,070m

Farm: Co-Op

Process: Wet Processed

Levels: Body-8 Acidity-8 balance-7

Price: $13.49/12 oz (retail)