Rwanda Abakundakawa

Rwanda Abakundakawa is a Fair Trade certified cooperative located in the Gakenke district of Northern Rwanda. Of the nearly 2000 small holder farmers who constitute the membership of this co-op, approximately 40% are women.

The experience of tasting this coffee may evoke memories of why we all fell in love with coffee to begin with. Initially wooed by the intense fragrance of orange zest and sweet tea, one next encounters the flavor of sweet, ripe fruit reminiscent of red currant, which is then complemented by notes of aromatic honey, hibiscus, and red grapefruit. The exceptionally focused acidity and lingering buttery finish leave one charmed. The nuance and complexity of this coffee is carried and delivered by an elegant satiny body

Flavor Profile

Floral sweetness and a heavy body with a smooth finish and a pleasant bitter after taste.

Coffee Details

Location: Gakenke District of Northern Rwanda

Harvest: March-June

Altitude: 1800m

Farm: Co-Operative

Process: Wet Processing

Levels: Body-9 Acidity-5 icilance-8

Price: $15.99/1 2oz (retail)