Organic Uganda Gumutindo

Uganda is a cooperative of over 7000 farmers. Their home is Mount Elgon, East Africa�s oldest and largest volcano, in eastern Uganda. They nurture their land as their parents did before them: under the shade of majestic trees and in the fresh mountain breeze, they grow all their coffee organically, as nature intended. Through Fairtrade, over 7000 of them have invested in their families, homes, communities, coffee, and in their cooperative. They believe they are building their future. Their tree planting project is currently benefiting their entire communities -helping to combat climate change and conserve the soil, reducing the risk of landslides. You will delight in every sip of their shade-grown, hand-picked, organic washed Arabica coffees. They are proud to grow and wet-process all of their own coffee on their family farms and then deliver it to their own processing and storage facility with its skilled cupping laboratory.

Flavor Profile

A bright smooth coffee with mild cigar notes, milk chocolate and almonds.

Coffee Details

Location: Mount Elgon, Uganda

Harvest: Sept-]an

Altitude: 1300-2200m

Farm: Women-ran co-op

Process: Wet process

Levels: Body- 8 Acidity- 7 Balance- 8

Price: S15.99/12oz (retail)