Organic Mexico oaxaca

PROMIZAP (PRODUCTORES MIXE ZAPOTECOS S.P.R. DE R.I. DOM. FISCAL CONOCIDO SAN JUAN OTZOLOTEPEC. MIXE OAX.) was founded December 20, 2000 by small farmers looking to gain the ability to market their own coffees. The vision of the cooperative is to benefit as many producers as possible by helping them with marketing, farming technique, and also to help in preservation of local wildlife and flora. They have been expanding rapidly and now have over 2500 cooperative members.

Flavor Profile

A consistent cup with great body and notes of citrus and almonds.

Coffee Details

Location: Northern Oaxaca City, Mexico

Harvest: Dec-Feb

Altitude: 1950m

Farm: Coffee Growers Association of Oaxaca

Process: Wet processing and Sundrying

Levels: Body- 8 Acidity- 6 Balance- 10

Price: $14.99/12oz (retail)