Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic

The Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of San Juan de Rio Coco produces Certified Organic Coffee and is one of the first organizations dedicated to the production and marketing of organic coffee in the country since 1993.

This Cooperating is a large co-op of 550+ growers from 15 Nicaraguan Communities. The UCASJRC cooperative maintains high quality coffee and prioritizes community development through social and environmental duties.

To view more about this co-op visit their site HERE

Flavor Profile

Sweet, spicy. citrus-like with dark chocolate notes and a lingering finish of toasted almonds.

Coffee Details

Location: San Juan de Rio Coco. Nicaragua

Harvest: Nov-Feb

Altitude: 800-1350m

Farm: Co-Operative

Process: Wet Processing

Levels: Body-7 Acidity-7 Balance-8

Price: $14.99/12oz (retail)