Kenya Kirimara

History of Kenya Coffee:

From plant to cup, coffee, like wine, is a true story of hospitable soil, careful tending, and pruning, handpicking, fermenting and blending. The coffee trees stand about six feet high; their shiny ever green leaves covering slender branches emerging from a thicker stump. Originally, the cherry sized red berries of the coffee tree, native to Ethiopia, were used as food. The term coffee is an attempt at pronouncing the Arabic word. The best coffees come from trees of the Coffee Arabica species. Coffee in Kenya became a valuable crop after the 1st world war.Coffee is a tree of botanically Rubiacea family that has over twenty known species through the world.

Coffee Cultivation And Processing

For the coffee plants, large holes are dug and refilled with topsoil and organic Fertilizer (manure) and in the centre of these young trees are planted. 8 feet squire, 7 feet square etc, . pruning, and pest/disease control measures. Needless to say those coffee estates have pioneered this skill by the successive and continuous mastering that has in-turn made their coffee superb. In many cases, trees separate stems are encouraged to grow. Each stem normally carries 3 to 4 feet of bearing wood. Before the advent of the multi stem system, coffee trees are grown with a single trunk. When the rains come, if the soil is cultivated and well protected from erosion and if the trees are well pruned and defended from the attacks of their many potential pests and disease, the planter can watch with satisfaction the flowering of his trees. Narrow concrete channels, through which the water runs briskly, carry the beans from the pulping machines. While it is in the tanks, the parchment coffee is washed daily and turned. When the mucus has reached a stage where it is easily removed in water, the parchment coffee is fed in a grading and washing channel where beans are thoroughly washed in a stream of running water.

Flavor Profile

A very bright acidic cup with medium body and citrus notes upfront, transitioning into an herbal, savory, raisin clean finish

Coffee Details

Location: Nyeri; SW of Mt. Kenya

Harvest: Oct-Nov

Altitude: 1550m

Farm: Kirimara Estate

Process: Fully Washed, Dried on raisin beds

Levels: Body-8 Acidity-10 Balance-10

Price: S15.99/8oz (retail)