Guatemala Fancy

Guatemala San Pedro la Laguna is a washed and sundried coffee grown between 1,500 and 1,600 m on the volcanic slopes overlooking Lake Atitlan. Lake Atitlan itself is a crater lake that was created 80,000 years ago by a collapsing magma chamber and as a result the whole region benefits from rich volcanic soil.

This coffee introduces itself with aromas of citrus and gingerbread. The initial impression is reinforced by a sweet candied lemon acidity and silky mouthfeel. With its great clarity, flavors of stonefruit, raisin and cane sugar are unmistakable and the charm of this fine Guatemalan coffee is completed by its lingering sweet spice finish.

Flavor Profile

Silky bodied and sweet with candied lemon acidity and flavors of stonefruit, raisin, and citrus.

Coffee Details

Location: Santiago, Atitlan

Harvest: Aug-March

Altitude: 5.000-5,600m

Farm: Co-Op

Process: Wet Mill Processed

Levels: Body-9 Acidity-5 Balance-9

Price: 612.49/12oz (retail)