Ethiopia Organic Nigusse

Lemma Edeto, the patriarch and owner of the farm, has been in the coffee business in Limu for 60 years. He began farming during Haile Selassie's rule, but in the 1970's, under the Communist Derg regime, his property and his business were confiscated. The farm is back under the family's control, and are operating the highest altitude coffee farm in Limu. The farm is covered in old growth shade trees and has an abundance of natural springs. There are multiple varietals growing on the farm, but many have not been classified, which is typical in Ethiopia. The family also operates their own Pinhalense dry-huller, giving them full control of the coffee up until the final stage of export.

Flavor Profile

Wow! Bright, Fruity, with strong notes of blueberry and orange peel. Very smooth.

Coffee Details 

Location: Deru Mountains in Western Ethiopia

Harvest: Jan-Feb

Altitude: 1850-2000m

Farm: Nigusse Lemma

Process: Full Natural - dried on raised beds

Levels: Body- 5 Acidity- 8 Balance- 9

Price: $15.99/8 oz (retail)