Costa Rica Tarrazu




Grown under the canopy of shade trees, the perfectly ripe cherries are hand-picked, de-pulped, and floated in sorting channels at Luz Marina's own mill, and then dried slowly to maximize acidity and depth of flavor. Once the coffee is dried, it goes through a resting period of at least 60 days before being dry-milled and shipped.

Like many of our preferred growers, Luz Marina takes a holistic approach to sustainability: minimizing synthetic pesticides and using the discarded pulp and red wiggler worms for a closedloop fertilizing system. Her water treatment system meets the Costa Rican government's high environmental standards and preserves the quality of the river that flows through the estate.

Tarrazu coffee is known for being crisp, clean, and brightly acidic, and Luz Marina's offers that classic profile plus extra body and sweetness and a lingering, buttery aftertaste. All of this comes together to offer a product that stands alone either as a dark or a light roast, while offering the perfect citric top note for blends.

Flavor Profile

Heavy bodied and buttery with great acidity. Notes of dark raisin and ripe plums.

Coffee Details

Location: Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Harvest: Nov-March

Altitude: 1,250-1,650m

Farm: Santa Elena Estate

Process: Washed, Miel

Levels: Body-7 Acidity-9 ialance-10

Price: $13.49/12ozĀ (retail)