Brazil Cerrado Natural






While many of us in the United States aren't too familiar with Brazilian coffee as a single origin drip coffee, many blends,both drip and espresso utilize this popular bean. Brazilian coffees tend to fill in the middle notes of an espresso - filling in the gaps where the more delicate Central Americans, Indonesians, and Africans leave off. In addition, they impart excellent body that allows an espresso to come through milk.

Our "Porta Rossa" provides an excellent example of what Brazils can do for a blend. Its complex array of sweet middle notes and chiffon mouth-feel provide depth and substance to a fine espresso.

Flavor Profile

Very sweet and thick mid-tones with a hint of roasted ground nutĀ and a toffee finish.

Coffee Details

Location: Minas Gerais

Harvest: March-April

Altitude: 800-900m

Farm: Co-Op

Process: Dry Processed

Levels: Body-7 Acidity-6 Balance-7

Price: 613.49/12oz (retail)