Bold Dark Roast

This coffee is dark, and darker still. Its robust ebony roast lends itself to ultra sweet caramel and dark chocolate undertones, and a full-body suggestive of tobacco swirled with oak. Roasted well past the second crack, the oils are on full display on the beans, giving off an unabashedly intense aroma and flavor.

Over 500 years ago, the "Italian Roast" haled from the country its name bears. Influenced by their Turkish roasting predecessor, these demitasse loving Italians echoed many of the Turkish roasting characteristics like dark color and strong flavor, but took it yet a step further. Undoubtedly pursuing la dolce vita, this even darker roast brought about an intense sweetness without letting the flavor profile of the bean go flat.

But be not deceived; a darker roast does not produce a stronger coffee. Quite the opposite is true. The longer a bean is roasted, the lighter and less caffeinated the bean becomes. Strength of coffee is actually determined by its water to coffee ratio. So the key to a great, highly flavorful coffee lies in our fresh, roast to order beans, handcrafted for premium flavor performance.

Flavor Profile

Full bodied and bold with a great balance and hints of oak. caramel. and dark chocolate.